WTA Registered Shoot Policies
ATA Rules will apply. Alcohol consumption will not be permitted before or during
participation in shooting events.

Shooters not ready to take the line when their squad is called  will be sent to the practice trap.
Habitual offenders risk disqualification per ATA Rules.

All shooters are asked to remove their own trash for the grounds.
This keeps the grounds safe, clean and saves money for the club and shooters.

All shooters are asked to "bag" their shells and not throw them on the ground.  
This keeps the grounds safe, clean and saves money for the club and shooters.

Entry closing times and changes in entry are at the discretion of shoot management. Shoot management may assign or reassign
 a shooter's squad, position and traps to be shot as necessary to conduct the shoot efficiency and/or safely.
WTA also reserves the right to limit squads or shoot “short” at any shoot.

WTA reserves the right to change the program, or any portion of it, as conditions dictate and to refuse any entry
or eject any individual deemed to be interfering with the operation of the shoot.

Entrants must show a current ATA card or proof of payment of ATA dues; if not, ATA dues will be collected.
Refunds for entry and options are at the discretion of WTA. In no cases, will option money be refunded after an
event has started (shooters call to get ready).

Unless oterwise stated in the program, when ties for a WTA trophy exists, the following will be used, in this order, to determine a winner: longest
run from the end; then, longest run from the from the beginning; and, then, draw. When "combined" trophies are given,
the winners of trophies in the individual events are not eligible for the combined trophies.

Additional policies may be posted at club or announced at the shoot.