Spring Shoot to Benefit
the University of Delaware Trap and Skeet Team

50 Singles and  50 Handicap Targets - Non-Registered
Shoot One Event or Shoot Both!

Sunday - March 11, 2018

Event 1 - 50 Singles Targets

50 Singles               $25.00 (see below for distribution)

$10.00 from each entry will go to the UD Trap and Skeet Team.

Options for Event 1
Lewis Class Each (2 classes - 60/40% )            $10.00

Trophies for Event 1

High Gun - 8 boxes of shells
Runner-up - 4 boxes of shells

Event 2 - 50 Handicap Targets

50 Handicap               $25.00 (see below for distribution)

$5.00 from each entry will go to the UD Trap and Skeet Team.
$5.00 from each entry will go to a "POT" to be distributed to shooters as follows:

 After all scores are in, a number between 0 and 9 will be drawn.
All shooters whose score ends with that
number will shoot off (10 targets, 2 targets to a post).
Winner take all!

Options for Event 2
 Lewis Class (2 classes - 60%/40%)                          $10.00

Entry window opens 10:00 AM, shoots starts 11:00 AM.
ATA Rules will apply. ATA Shooters will shoot assigned yardage.
Others will be assigned yardage based on "known ability"

Come out and support the UD Team.
Good luck to all shooters!

Click Here to See WTA's Shoot Policies

Additional policies may be posted at club or announced at the shoot.